Water Department

The Water Department is responsible for maintaining the water wells and tanks, repairing water leaks and sewer lines, and cleaning and maintaining manholes. The department has four employees responsible for these tasks.

The City of Diboll has five water wells that produce 1,020 gallons of water per minute. The wells are inspected every morning for chlorine, usage and oil to ensure they are running efficiently. The tanks are also inspected for water levels, chlorine residual and general condition of the tank.

In the City of Diboll, water leaks are fixed in order of severity of the leak. The most severe case would be a main break and the least severe case would be a meter leak. To report a leak, call City Hall at 829-4757 or after hours you may contact the Police Department at 829-5586.

Sewer lines are repaired as soon as possible and sanitized immediately due to health risks. In the event of a main line blockage, the City has a jet machine to clean the blocked line. These lines are accessed through our manholes. Reporting sewer line leaks or backups may be reported in the same manner as water leaks.

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