Economic Development

Diboll thrives with small town friendliness and large town amenities. The Angelina County community welcomes visitors through the U.S. Route 59 (future Interstate 69) and is located 3 miles north of the Neches River, 11 miles south of the county seat, Lufkin, TX, and 109 miles north of Houston, TX. The city has a total area of 4.7 square miles. The Railroad runs from north to south on the west side of town.
With a population brimming 5,000, the community boasts beautiful buildings and parks. Sixty-six acres of tall pines grace the Old Orchard Park with baseball fields, picnic and basketball pavilions, volleyball and tennis courts, walking and bike trails, a splash pad, and playgrounds. In the center of the park is a pond and pier where families can visit the wildlife. A neighbor to the park is the luscious green grass of The Neches Pines Golf Course. The T.L.L. Temple Memorial Library (with over 46,000 holdings) and The History Center (containing more than 1 million images) provide meeting rooms and media past and present. The Lottie and Author Temple Civic Center provide arts and entertainment throughout the year. Diboll has a police department, a post office, a medical clinic, and a fire station.
Diboll hosts industries such as Georgia Pacific and Borden Chemical, Inc.
Over one hundred businesses call Diboll home including ACE Hardware, First Bank & Trust East Texas, Commercial Bank of Texas, Temple–Inland Federal Credit Union, Brookshire Brothers, Diboll Inn & Suites, Dairy Queen, Subway, Jack-In-The-Box, Church’s Fried Chicken, Sonic, and more locally owned businesses.
Many churches can be found nestled in the Diboll area. The heart of Diboll beats with clubs and organizations ranging from service-oriented to social.


Diboll was founded in 1894 and received its name from timber salesman, J.C. Diboll after he sold land to Thomas Lewis Latane Temple. Temple built Southern Pine Lumber Company close to the Houston, East and West Texas Railway, and that began the development of Diboll, TX.


Median Age– The median age is 32 years. For every 100 females, there are 132.7 males.
Median Family Income- The median income for a household in the city is $28, 183. Males have a median income of $29,456 versus $18,324 for females. About 24% of families and 26% of the population are below the poverty line.
Race/Ethnicity- The racial makeup of the Diboll is: 53.6% White, 37.26% Hispanic/Latino, 24.13% African American, .53% Native American, .05% Asian, .05% Pacific Islander, 19.4% Other, 2.16% Two or more races.


Diboll is served by the Diboll Independent School District.


The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. Diboll has a humid subtropical climate.


There are 1,424 households, out of which 43.3% have children under the age of 18 living with them, and 1107 families reside in the city. There is a variety of older homes and newer homes in a range of values.


For the Diboll Retail Trade Area, the occupational classifications are as follows: 37.3% blue collar, 40.4% white collar, 22.3% Service & farm workers.

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