Paying Citations Online

To pay online:

1.  Obtain the appropriate citation number and amount due.  YOU MUST KNOW THE AMOUNT DUE AND THE CITATION NUMBER.  INCORRECT ENTRIES COULD RESULT IN ADDITIONAL FINE AND/OR WARRANTS.  Please call the Municipal Court at 936-829-4761 to obtain the appropriate citation number and total amount due or you may email our Court Clerk at

2.  Click on the "View and Pay City Bills" button at the bottom of the page .  

3.  Register a userid and password. 

4. Login with your userid and password.

5.  Select "Pay Other Items"

6.  Select "Pay My Citation"

7.  Enter your Citation number and the full amount Due.  PARTIAL PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND COULD RESULT IN ADDITIONAL FINES AND/OR WARRANTS.  Please note a 3% convenience fee is charged by our processor.

8.  Select "Make Payment"

9.  Select Payment Type and accept the convenience fee.  Then select "Make Payment"

10.  Enter payment information and complete the payment.