Keep Christmas Green - Recycle!

Monday, December 17, 2012

It’s Christmas time and that means presents, wrapping paper, and cardboard boxes.  It also means there will be a great deal of trash. One of the best things you can do this Christmas Season is to recycle as much as possible.

It’s easy! Just separate your garbage from your recyclables.  You can recycle all of your wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. For those who live outside the City of Lufkin the Recycling Center has a 24 hour drop-off site for all recyclables located 500 Southpark Drive (off College Drive).  

Recycling is important for our future generations so we should all do our part to keep our planet clean and green.  Recyclable Materials Include:  Paper and Cardboard, Plastic Jugs and Bottles #1 and #2 (plastic containers that have a neck or ones that you can pour from) Aluminum and Steel Cans

If you have any questions about what you can or cannot recycle, please contact Angelina Beautiful/Clean at 63-CLEAN (632-5326) or email


Some Helpful Hints on How to Use “The 3 R’s”

Reduce – When wrapping a present, try not to waste the paper.  Use every piece available.  Also, if using tissue paper try to make one sheet go as far as possible.  A great deal of tissue paper is wasted on “over-packing” a box or a bag.

Reuse – When you need a box, look around the house and see if you have a box that will work versus going out and buying boxes to wrap presents in.  If you can, find an appropriate place in your house to put the empty boxes so you will not waste your money on buying new boxes next year.

Recycle – Please recycle everything that you can.  A great deal of recyclable material is taken to local landfills every day.  If you make that extra effort, it will go a long way.  Also, don’t forget to use the newspaper as wrapping for children.  Most of the time they will enjoy the comic section more than wrapping paper.

Remember to use the 3 R’s as often as you can throughout the year.  If you Reduce, Reuse, Recycle you are helping the environment.

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