Emergency Management

The City of Diboll is safer because of improvements in its emergency preparedness capabilities over the last few years. As with every town in East Texas, things were very difficult during the response and evacuation of the Texas coast during Hurricane Rita. However, the City of Diboll has made many moves to assure the possibility of things going smoother when the next catastrophe strikes. Citizens saw vast improvement in response and city utilities during Hurricane Ike.

The city has installed a natural gas generator that has provided City Hall and the Police/Fire Station with full power. Generators have also been installed on the cities water wells which will lessen the occurrence of a water shortage and on the Police Departments radio tower when there is no electricity.

In planning for the future, actions have been taken to ease responses to major emergencies. The city has obtained needed equipment and supplies from Homeland Security Grants such as the generator for the radio tower, a lighting tower with generator for night time emergencies, equipment for the emergency management center and for the different city departments for such emergencies. 

An agreement signed with the Angelina Counties and Cities Health District will provide a plan and response to the city should a possible outbreak of the Pandemic Flu affect us.

The City of Diboll will continue its efforts to enhance the emergency preparedness capabilities for its citizens and employees. For it is not if something happens again, but a matter of when.

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