Child Safety Zone

During Tuesday's regularly scheduled meeting, July 11, 2023, the City Council unanimously approved a new ordinance limiting where registered sex offenders may establish a residence in Diboll through the creation of Child Safety Zones.
The ordinance identifies areas where children congregate and places a 1500' buffer around those properties. The ordinance applies to adult convicted offenders involving a child victim sex crime.
View Ordinance HERE!
"Currently, we do not have an issue in Diboll, but we are not going to wait until an issue arises before we act. The children of Diboll deserve to be looked after and that is what this ordinance is all about", said City Manager Jason Arnold.
The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program sets limitations for offenders, but the Texas Local Government Code allows for cities to take extra steps by creating Child Safety Zones.  The zones will be updated by City Council as often as necessary.