Michael Skillern - Chief of Police

Police Department

The Diboll Police Department is dedicated to serving our community through the protection of life and property and the prevention of crime. The Department will work to enforce the laws, maintain order, educate the public and provide public assistance for the purpose of ensuring the highest quality of life.
As the Police Department serves our community we emphasize:
  • A Service Orientation - Responsiveness to our community needs by the quality of service and respect for the dignity of the human spirit.
  • Enforcement of Law - The enforcement of laws and ordinances and to uphold the Constitutional rights of all those within our jurisdiction.
  • Maintaining Order - Through vigilance assures the day-to-day activities of the community may proceed in an environment of stability and security.
  • Educating the Public - Enhance the public's awareness of crime information and educate the general public in crime-related matters.
  • Providing Public Assistance - To respond to non-criminal or non-emergency concerns such as traffic control, suspicious circumstances, possible safety hazards, other citizen requests for assistance and to provide referral and direction to resolve non-criminal problems through local social/humanistic services.